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Check back often as we continue to input more reviews and recommendations! This is our favorite part and why I do what I do!

Freshest products I’ve ever tasted! Made right here in the Tulsa area by Native hands!

Teresa Gambler
Mounds, Oklahoma

Wow! Wow! Wow! My husband has been suffering from allergies for years. Switching and going back and forth taking many allergy pills with NONE of them working. After only TWO weeks of taking a sip of Okie Skies & Fireflies Elderberry juice every morning....not one headache, and not one cough! He can even stand in a field full of ragweed (highly allergic to that stuff) and not be affected. Please do your body a favor and stop taking all those chemicals that don’t work! Get some of this all natural Elderberry juice! By the way it tastes great!! Thank you Rashel and Okie Skies & Fireflies Co! We love your products.

Peggy Hardman
Beggs, Oklahoma

This lady is amazing. I almost died of COVID and she brought me some of this amazing Elderberry syrup and wow! She literally has saved my life at the moment she reached out to me I was trying to figure out how to get myself to the emergency room and most importantly get my kids somewhere safe away from me because I was deathly ill!! I couldn’t breath couldn’t eat, had a horrible fever...spent over 250.00 nursing myself on cold meds!! I am forever grateful this amazing lady reached out to me because she has truly saved my life. I still take her Elderberry syrup to this day to keep myself healthy and immune to COVID I am truly grateful for this amazing syrup. I ave Lupus and renal failure and RA and also diabetes so this is important to me to stay healthy and this lady goes out of her way to keep me on my potion! Thank you so much for all the awesomeness!

Nicole Overton
Tulsa, Oklahoma

I love Okie Skies & Fireflies! The Elderberry Potion is amazing and has kept me healthy and my sons allergies at bay. The Kombucha is amazing! My husband loves it and its the only Kombucha I will drink. My son has tried the Fire Cider and now asks me for it everyday. Everything is amazing and Rashel is great!

Susan Quarles 
Mounds, Oklahoma

Every year by mid September for as long as I can remember I get a horrible sinus infection causing me to go to the doctor. But not THIS year! I started using this amazing Elderberry Syrup in July 2020 - no problems this year! This is the best stuff ya’ll seriously need to give it a try!!

Lucille Abbott
Mounds, Oklahoma

I am in the health care field, and this stuff is amazing and so delicious! I love that all of the ingredients are organic and very healthy for you. I take the Elderberry Syrup daily to boost my immune system. Your health is your wealth. I encourage you to try their products. You will not be disappointed!

Shawnee Allen 
Mounds, Oklahoma

These are statements made by customers of Okie Skies & Fireflies Co. I am not a licensed healthcare professional and our products are not approved by the FDA.

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