What is Holistic Health?

Natural medicine is beginning to gain some of the attention it so rightfully deserves. I continue to study and apply what I learn to my families life. I aim to bring my customers and community the most effective natural medicine to heal any ailment. You must understand that your health is connected to your mental health, your emotions and environmental factors - and it’s fueled by what you put in your body. This mindset takes discipline and willingness to unlearn what you think you know.

Definition of Holistic: the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Those “symptoms” of a disease are just that, symptoms. Your body’s way of communicating with you that somethings not right and you need to fix the root cause of what’s thrown you off. Sounds too simple right? Not exactly, it requires a lot more work than driving through a pharmacy and blindly trusting whatever synthetic medication your doctor prescribed. Popping it in your mouth and carrying on per usual. You have to be willing to dig deep and work on your mind & soul….& by feeding the body what it needs - spoiler alert it’s not synthetic medications and you’ll have to face some things you might be trying to suppress. Which most likely is what’s surfacing to cause you whatever physical symptoms you are experiencing. The good news is, you can heal and it be a healing that sustains itself without medication. You’ll be at your best mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Can you even imagine that level of healthy functioning?!

I’m preaching to myself y’all - Im still working to make changes in my life and heal from decades of trauma, abuse and toxic habits. But I know it’s working and I’ve come so far in a short time. Once you catch on and it begins to make sense, you’ll see what I mean! I’m here for it. Teaching my kids this young, helping you learn and teach yours as well. There’s days I fall short of what I know to do, and days I feel like I’m on top of it all! That’s life though and you have to take it into consideration on your healing journey. Forgiving yourself is always the first and hardest step. For me, knowing my Heavenly Father loves me perfectly and has already forgiven me, made it easier to forgive myself. Have you ever witnessed someone wallow in guilt for something they did to you & your wish they’d just let it go because you’ve forgiven them and moved on? That’s how He feels when we don’t forgive ourselves - He doesn’t want us feeling that way - He paid the ultimate price so we could be free and live in that freedom. You can’t do that carrying around guilt and shame - and there’s no need to.

I‘ll admit the process of having to remember a lot of things in order to be able to forget them….was/is brutal. But it’s brief in its brutalitiy and for once it was a brutality with a good cause, one that left me better than it found me. I can wrap my brain around that. I can get something good out of my pain.

So the next time you find yourself complaining about your current state rather it be physical or not- take a step back and look within. Think about what’s stressing you. What’s been bothering you deep down. And what have you been feeding your mind (what you watch, substances that alter your mindset, what you listen to and what toxic conversations you engage in). Think about what you actually put in your mouth. Have you been moving your body? Have you been sleeping well? These are all SO important and getting into the habit of taking account for them all IS KEY. Start there …. And the next steps will be a lot easier. You aren’t alone though, remember that!!

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