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Hey y’all! Happy Spring. I pray its breathing new life into you and all your endeavors as it is me.

I’ve had a vision on my heart for sometime now & I’ve been curating exactly how to launch it. I‘ve finally received the clarity I have been asking for & I am so excited to begin unfolding this next chapter of our business. Our customers, friends, communities and other like minded business owners have all expressed needs for what I am about to embark upon. There’s not another business model out there exactly like it, and I will continue to be the heart, soul and passion behind what leads the way.

Don’t panic, none of what we currently do is going anywhere, it’s only getting better! Our beginnings have been the foundation, the platform God was building for such a time as this. I didn‘t exactly realize it, but silly me, He knows the plans He has for me and my soul has always been filled with that hope & the knowing that they were far bigger than the right here, right now.

In the grand scope of this relaunch I want to hear from my current customers & followers. I value y’alls feedback & knowing your families needs more than I can express. So here is what I am asking from you.

I will be sending out an email with some questions on what parts of holistic health, clean living and services/products related to are most valuable, challenging and foreign to you. You’ll also have some room to write freely & express anything else you’d like to share with me. This will give me great insight on meeting my current customers where you are in your journey first, which is incredibly important to me. Im working on the survey now & will send an announcement once its been emailed out. I will also be posting a shorter, simplified survey on social media.

There will be an insider perk for all of you that take the time to complete this, once the relaunch is official. I’ll share more about that soon. ✨

In the meantime you’ll start to notice some changes on the website, social media platforms and product packaging. This is all part of the process, and while statistics show many do not like change - this “upgrade” is one you’ll be excited to experience alongside me and so many others. I appreciate all the love and support & cannot wait to serve at a higher capacity than ever before.

This will be a service & something that’ll allow our products to become more redly available to anyone in the US so please share with family & friends in other states, I value that feedback as well.

If you aren’t on or email list click here & sign up!

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