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Opening weekend Tulsa Farmers market!

TFM is celebrating their 25th year this season & we are honored to be a part of it. 🌿You will find us in our Wellness Wagon ✨

We will be offering free samples of all our products. As usual you’ll find my kids on board. 💚 They can help you with anything from samples to questions about each remedy.

Bring your own container & purchase Kombucha by the Fl oz at only .30/oz! We will have Seasons Cove (clove), Elderzest (lemon) & Pineapple in stock. 🍻

Channel 6 interviewed us today as one of the new vendors joining the market this season. You can catch their story on TFM 25th year here.

For more details on the event check out the event page on our website or Facebook page. Hope to see y’all there. ✌🏽

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