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Mother’s Day - a glimpse of our story.

Happy Mothers Day y’all!

This day holds a bit of mixed emotions for this Momma. I lost my Mom tragically when I was 18. That same year I had a baby and chose to give him up for adoption, undoubtably being the right choice at the time. I look forward to meeting him one day soon!

Fast Forward to 2011 and God blessed me with my oldest Kinley. She was perfect and my heart had never felt fuller. Her sister Sydney came just 2 years later and she has been a ball of spit fire from the start. Their Dad has always battled with addiction and became very abusive - long story short he’s been absent since Sydney was 3 months old, and it stays that way today - for the best.

I got remarried, to not much better of a person. He had 4 kids, only 1 of which he was involved with. I fought for custody of that child, her mom also being an addict - I won, but when we divorced I had no rights to her. He had been absent in his oldest two kids lives for most of their lives. Maddie was 10 and Jordan was 15 when we first got together. God put them heavily on my heart and I prayed for them for years before any relationship between us formed. It was rocky, awkward at times and probably confusing - me making the effort and showing up, but I knew I was meant to love them and I didn’t care how crazy I looked. I just kept listening to that still small voice & bravely obeying Him.

Both their parents struggle with addiction. In addition to my husband being an abusive narcissist. We divorced but I couldn’t walk away from Maddie and Jordan, so I made sure they knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

It’s been almost a year and a half since then - and look at where we are now!!! I am so thankful and grateful for all my kids and that God gave me the strength to fight for us, and win!

This company has been a gift from the Lord & I aim to bring Him the glory He so very much deserves. It changes the course of the statistical outcome of situations like ours. Breaking generational curses. Providing us with a purposeful and prosperous future. It spreads hope and paints a picture of how He loves us. I pray you see the Victory that we stand in, even in our humble beginnings. I know how this ends! Stay tuned!

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