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Introducing the Wellness Wagon! And some updates on us.....

Hey Y’all its been a while since Ive written a blog post and SO much has happened. I have been working hard towards the visions I have for the business and I even took a vacation by myself to Alaska to relax, reflect and reset and let me tell you was just what my soul needed. One of my best friends from college is an Alaskan native he swooped me up from the airport and was my personal tour guide the entire time. Lucky me right? I didn’t have to rent a car, google foreign destinations, skim through reviews, book tours and attractions and then navigate while also trying to take in all the sites - and OH MY LANTA THE SITES. It was hard to comprehend what I was looking at. So majestic. Its sites like those, moments like that, I feel closer to God on this Earth simply by being in nature. How could anyone not believe in creation looking at all that splendor?! My friend is from Bethel, a village that serves as a hub for smaller surrounding villages...they rely completely on importation for basic nessities and everything else. I decided to teach him how to make our Organic Elderberry Potion so he could go back to Bethel and make a batch and supply the villages with affordable natural medicine, something they certainly don’t have easy access to. I know my secret recipe is safe with him. Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime, some souls you know you can trust forever with anything. I can’t wait to hear how its begun to help people over these next several months. Even more so, I can’t wait to hear how much it blesses him to help people the way I know it has been me for over a year now. I’ll be sure to update y’all! Here’s a pic from my trip but gah sheesh pics don’t do it justice y’all I can’t wait to go back.

Ok, on to the “Wellness Wagon” We have been chipping away at the process in obtaining our Manufacturers License one requirement to which is that our products are made In a licensed commercial kitchen. We have access to the use of one, which is great but the thought of having our own climate controlled portable pop up shop became very appealing the more we learned about the licensing process. And quite frankly, after a year of vendor shows indoor and out in all 4 seasons!! I’ve been patient, stacked up some funds and we snagged up the right deal at the right time! We have a few modifications to make and a little equipment to add in no time, we will have a customized, portable & fully licensed commercial “Wellness Wagon”.!! Here is a few before pics!

I cannot tell you how big of a move this is for Okie Skies & Fireflies Co. we will meet the requirements necessary to sell inside stores such as Whole Foods, Spouts, Amazon and partner with larger distributors to reach further states and more remote locations. We will be able to expand the plans for the farm, store front and launch our up and coming products, serving yalls health even further. The heart and soul of what I do remains the same and my prayer is that it only grows the further the company does. Hearing back from our customers remains my favorite part, it’s what keeps me going on the hardest days - knowing I’m helping you and your family beat sickness and live your healthiest life - means the most.

How are the kids? Jamming along as usual, making their business plans for their farm, sketching their plans for our dream home, delivering orders to school and loving their lives - football season is in full effect and the big kids are doing great too! I’ll give a formal update on all of them soon.

How’s the community? Doing great, trucking right along with our plan for growth of the business district. We have officially organized “75a Business District Association” and your girl here is the President! We aim to encourage and promote local businesses along the 75a corridor benefiting the businesses and surrounding communities establishing community resources for our next generations to thrive through. - First on the list is access to 1.25 acres to use as a weekly market and poultry swap open to all sorts of vendors beginning the first weekend in November! We are hoping this is what will launch our food coop! We have many other ideas, hopes and visions in the works! This is a HUGE deal and I couldn’t be prouder! I can’t wait to update y’all on the progress in the months to come!

For now, stay healthy and if you need a little help with that. Just holler at your girl.

Stay tuned for the 1st appearance of the Wellness Wagon!!!! We have big plans in the making - God is so good, He is so faithful and I pray ya’ll see that through this healing journey we are on, and taking you on with us! My mind continues to be blown and my heart continuously blessed!! Stay tuned.....

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