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Here we come 2022!

Happy New Years y’all! I pray you find yourself spending more time dreaming big dreams instead of fueling big fears.

I pray you take back the control you have over your mind, your heart and your soul & surrender the rest.

I can’t wait …. Literally, cannot wait to live these next 362 days out and share what God continues to do as He shows up and shows out, just as He’s promised. 🙌🏼

Over this last year our business grew in more ways than I could of imagined. My knowledge in holistic health and herbalism, the constant improvement & perfecting of our remedies. Planning and strategizing on our farm. We bought and debut the wellness wagon and now have a space to be a licensed commercial kitchen.

✨The best part, what continues to be my favorite part….all the people. All the hearts we’ve touched, and have touched ours. All the families we’ve helped heal, find & hold onto health. I constantly find myself wanting to know more so I can help more. And that’s exactly what I plan to do. Y’all will never know how much you mean to me, we wouldn’t be where we are without each one of you!✨ We will continue to give back in our communities and help build up our next generations through leadership - the 75a Business District Association was launched and has opened its year round artisan market supporting small business & bridging the gap between farmers and community needs. If you’d like more info on the non for profit you can email we’ve seen so many new businesses pop up and the downtown district come to life here in our hometown. I’m beyond grateful for the few in my circle - and the many I know are in my corner.

We love y’all! Happy New Year! 🎉 #organic #holistichealth #smallbusinessowner #community #herbalism #organicfarming #organicfood #elderberry #firecider #kombucha

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